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 Hi Dec A Door,
  I just want to say that I love your products!!!  I first saw magnetic decorations on a garage when I would visit my sister at Christmas.  I would always ask her every year where she got them because I really liked the idea of decorating the garage.  She would always tell me she had no idea.  So, I finally decided to just google garage decorations and came across Dec A Door.  I  have been purchasing (Xmas, Easter, Birthday, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Summer, Back to School, Fourth of July, and Labor Day) from you for almost 3 years now and I have never been disappointed.  In fact when I don't have something on my garage I always feel there is something missing.  Your magnets are made of good quality and the colors haven't faded.  

Denise A.
Your product has not failed me like Collections Etc.  This won’t be my first or last order.  Keep up the quality product and customer service.
Baytown, TX  
Thanks so much Heather!!  I love your products!  This is the fourth one I have purchased from you.  My other two have held up so well ��
Judy S
 First, let me say how much I enjoy your products.  I have purchased
garage door magnets from other places and yours are THE BEST BY FAR. 
They don't fade and are much nicer than anything else out there! 
Debbie B
Austinburg, Ohio 

I enjoy when you send me new email's because I always find something new. I absolutely love your products !!! I am the only house on the block to have decorations like this and my collection of magnets has grown with every email you send me. I continue to add to my collection because you continue to add new products. Thank you very much for such a high quality product and the great designs that you come up with.

Your devoted customer,
I wanted to let you know I love your product!  I was given the Halloween, Christmas and 4th of July sets as a gift and am very pleased with all of them.  I decorate the inside and outside of my house for all holidays and am wishing you would offer sets for Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Thanksgiving.  Again, thanks for a fantastic product!

I have one set of decadoor (the Merry Christmas one) and I LOVE IT.  They are the coolest thing I have ever seen. I put it up this Christmas and everyone loved it in the neighborhood.  I want to get more now for gifts for my children but where I purchased mine is all sold out .  I think you should make way more designs (Christmas ones especially) what a great idea.
I definitely would buy more and give out as gifts.  Thanks for this wonderful idea. Please keep going with more ideas.
What a hit.
Great Falls, MT
 I just received 3 of your dec a door sets and I love them.  I put them on the door between our house and garage.  They are great!  Very good quality.  I  Also could you let me know where I can purchase the "Happy 4th of July" set.  It wasn't offered where I got my other 3.  Thanks.  
Des Moines, IA  
I am interested in buying your decadoor Xmas magnetic decorations as gifts.  Please tell me where I may purchase them.  Where I bought mine no longer has them, and I have had oodles of I thought I would purchase some as gifts. Hope you can help me.
Thank You.
I am interested in purchasing more decorations for my garage door .  I recently purchased theChristmas set for my door and love it.  I purchased it from some catalog a friend had and now we don't remember which catalog it was. If you could send me information as to where I can purchase more I would appreciate it.
                                       Thank You  Marge S
I would like a list of places I could purchase sets of your magnets. I purchased the
Christmas set and recieved many compliments in our neighborhood.
Thank you
Mary B
Love the garage door magnets.  I have the Merry Christmas and I'm going to get the God Bless America and Happy Halloween soon!
Would love to see the following themes-
Happy New Year
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy St Patrick's Day
Happy Easter
Something Thanksgiving related.........
  Happy decorating!!!
Nicole C


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